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Learn to decorate glass bottles

How to decorate glass bottles Glass bottles are tools that can give a second life. Glass is durable, and depending on the format, you can create different decorative objects. In the case of bottles, these are perfect as containers for candles, flowers, or colored liquids. In addition, we can modify the outside with different techniques Read More

Join the trend to decorate the wall with photos

Decorate a wall with pictures is trending, and today we tell you how you can create decorative compositions on the walls with your favorite photos. Walls decorated with pictures: thousand ways to preserve memories The first thing we need for this is to have our photos in physical format. In most cases, we have done Read More

How to paint a room two colors

But in this case, we will teach you how to paint a room of two colors, so it is original and unique, and you want to show your house inside even your neighbors. Why paint a room two colors? You may want to know how to paint a room of two colors because you want Read More

How to decorate wooden letters

We can find different fonts letters, lowercase or uppercase, although it is more accessible to the latter type. We can always choose to leave them as is, with the natural color of wood, but there are many possibilities to decorate and use as a decoration at home or for any party or event. How to Read More

How to decorate glass jars

Inside the decor of our house, there are plenty of elements that we can create with our own hands recycling other conventional objects. Decorate glass jars is very easy, and we have a thousand different options for each function or style you want them. Today we tell you how to do it and how you Read More

How to decorate a shelf

Also, he thinks that there are only shelves in the living room or your room, learn to decorate the different rooms of your house getting more useful for your shelves. How to decorate a bathroom shelf The bathroom is one of the rooms that require more care and cleaning and thus maintain order on their Read More

Decoration of small terraces: everything you need to know

The decoration of the terrace can not be combined at all with the rest of the house, but after all, is an outdoor space that can serve as a rest area, leisure or off. The purpose of decorating a small terrace is the functionality, but we must not forget the aesthetic. Because of its size, Read More