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What is the vintage industrial decoration?

It is a style that combines the best of each type of decoration: the rough materials of industrial decor with the most delicate and feminine materials vintage decor. So today we will show the best examples of vintage industrial decoration so you can incorporate them into your own home, office or restaurant.  Vintage industrial style Read More

Plants for modern salons

Plants add color, life, and vitality to our house. I also have herbs to create a more pleasant environment naturally. To decorate the house inside, there are many types of plants that we can use. Usually, plants that need low light and low maintenance in general. Still, keep our plants maintained is essential not to Read More

Ideas to decorate your room

Even if nobody sees it, your room should represent your style and make you feel in a place in which to relax and forget the outside world. It’s your private space where you can be free, so take note of all these ideas to decorate your room and make sure you do at that place Read More

How to decorate a small room

It is reasonable to think that the more space you have in a room most likely will have to decorate it, but you know well how to decorate a small room? In this post, we will show you how, in great little ideas can arise and can also learn how to maximize space and leave Read More

How to decorate a long corridor

Long corridors often have little natural lighting, because they usually carry from one place to another house and unlike the galleries, which are located on one side, with large windows, hallways do not have this light. Therefore, the first thing we have to think about when decorating a long corridor is artificial lighting. In any Read More

How to decorate a hairdresser

1. Think to light When it comes to knowing how to decorate a hairdresser, it is vital to consider lighting. Therefore you should take advantage of natural light all you can and include artificial light. A hairdresser we recommend using halogen lights and LED lights, and so you get an even light that illuminates the Read More